hey so remember forever ago when i started making a videogame? this is it! its called Black Guts!…you play a ghost on a quest for lunch. like real life.

It’s not ready yetttt…but its getting close! I’m pretty excited about it, and also i’ve gotten a couple asks recently about if this is still going to be a thing. it is!

So here are some gifs from gameplay stuff so far. the actual game is smoother and prettier and less gif-y, but i figured this would be a good way to show off a couple pieces. The top is the title screen with summoning action, then some shots of enemies and stagedesign and whatnot.

I figure i’ll release it in chapters, with each part being a handful of levels and a portion of the story. I’ll post more stuff as it gets closer!

anywaysss…that’s that. send me feedback or questions or whatever if you’d like to! I like talking about it.